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LG faces class Action Lawsuit over T Mobile Optimus 2X

LG Optimus 2X

LG has been sued in California over theirĀ  T-Mobile’s version of Optimus 2X – the G2x(World’s First Phone with Dual Core Processor). LG has been accused of knowing that there are issues like screen bleeding, the random freezes and unexpected shut downs and other defects in Optimus 2X and did nothing about it.

And We will have to admit that LG really knew all this. The Optimus 2X users were complaining about the power and screen issues even since day one, but LG is still mum on this matter. And that’s the exact problem LG Just ignored everyone.

Though the complaint is right now individual but on the behalf of other unsatisfied LG P999 G2X users that bought the T-Mobiles USA version of the Optimus 2X for $250.

We know LG just can’t go for out of court settlement over this one, they will have to face their consumers in Court(Which is really embarrassing when people whom your Serve are against you). Lets see what is outcome.

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